Hollllllllly cow — what a year 2014 has been.

First and foremost, from the absolute bottom of my SOUL – I wanna give a huuuuuuge THANK YOU to each and everyone of my families! You allow me into your homes, your lives and you grant me the HONOR of capturing these precious moments in your lives. I am soooooo lucky to have such wonderful and incredibly KIND families. No, really – you guys are so flipping amazing, gorgeous and just exhibit true happiness. It’s a wonderful “job” to freeze these moments for you. Looking back on the year as whole not only makes feel sooooo happy… I feel FULL – I can’t even TELL YOU.  <3

As many of you know, this year started off  sorta rough for me – with my full achilles rupture. Aka – I completely ripped my achilles tendon in half… basically rendering my left foot completely useless. I couldn’t bear weight… I couldn’t even feel it. Unfortunately/fortunately, the tear was too high for surgical repair, so I was left with an even longer recovery on an injury that already had a long recovery.. ha! For most of the year, I was not feeling 100% myself.  Let’s be honest, for pretty much every single one of these shoots I was either newly inured, shooting with a leg cast, hopping along on crutches, crawling up/down stairs or better yet… working a pimp limp in my walking boot. (I think that was my best look… Ha!) 

But the GREAT news is… I got there. I am fully healed. I have 100% tendon regrowth (I think) and I finally feel like myself again. I am not only back to running (cautiously), but also healed, happy and healthy — I cannot ask for more than that. So when I look back on every single shoot from 2014 (allllll 150 of them) – the memories of each shoot flood back. The laughter, the humor, the good times, the meltdowns (ha) and alllllll the gorgeous little smiles and giggles. You guys made my recovery that much better. 

Gaaaaaah, I love this “job” and I love you guys. I wish you all the absolute best and only hope that next year brings you nothing but goodness.


Annnnnnnd with that, my 2014 season is officially wrapped! This has been a year of change for me: personally, professionally and emotionally. So thank you for joining me on this crazy, awesome ride. Up next: I am taking a verrrrrry long and verrrrrrrry welcome 6 week sabbatical from not only photography, but from my full-time job. I’ll resume booking shoots in the new year sometime around February 15. Hope to see your smiling faces!!! xoxo.

Happiest of holidays to you and yours,