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One of my long time AHHHHMAZING families surprised me (via email) last week and let me know that they added to their family… Gahhh!! Cue the jumping out of my seat with excitement response!! J Family, thank you, thank YOU for allowing me to capture your little girls first few days.  <3 FYI: She has two adooring older brothers who love holding, kissing on her and seeing her milestones (Biggest brother sprinted into the room to see her in the crib for the first time — – CMON, isn’t that the cutest!?) Just a few sneaks to introduce this sweet baby girl to the world!! <3 World, meet Piper!


I met this family while attending a workshop last April… They were our practice family crazily enough! I had the honor and privilege of snapping a few shots of their little man at just a few days old. How time FLIES, y’all! Soooo you can only imagine my joy when I got to meet up this family on a PERFECT fall(ish) night and play amongst the trees, river and catch up with them! Sneak a peek at few of my favorite moments. <3

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This darling family is off to Miami at the end of October and wanted to get a few last minute Chicago snaps in… We had a perfect fall(ish) morning and the riverwalk basically to ourselves. Best wishes, P family!!! <3

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On the most perfect Sunday morning in Chicago, I met back up with the R Family and this time they had a brand new(ish) little boy along with them. Last year, I met big sister Brynn and chased her all over Lily Pond and tried to make her giggle… What a difference a year makes!!! Brynn is a WONDERFUL big sister to little man B and both kiddos were FULLLLL of the most adorable smiles!! So honored to see this crew again… sneak a peek at a few favorites below:

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Introducing the newest addition to my extended family… my nephew Bennett Jeffrey Tomasek. The first baby boy on either side (the first of 5 grand kiddos too).   August 26, 2016 at 10:18 am. 8 lbs and 6 oz.

Big sister Laine reallllllly loves on her little bro. I’ve actually never seen a big sibling take so well to a new arrival before. Congratulations to my brother, Jay and my Sister-in-Law, Meg and family on the arrival of this little guy. Just a few sneaks at some of my favorite moments during our newborn session. <3 <3




And just like that… they were a family of FIVE!!! I met this family when big sis was just TWO years old and mama had Bud Bud in her belly – its such a treat for me to reunite with families and see how they’ve grown and changed. I spent a sunny Sunday with the wonderful C family and captured their newest addition! Sebastian was born just FIVE days ago and rocked the heck outta this session. Sneak a peeek at some of my favorite moments below:


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Cherish every moment with those you love at every stage of your journey.
Jack Layton

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A little girl can be sweeter (and badder) oftener than anyone else in the world. she can jitter around, and stomp, and make funny noises that frazzle your nerves yet just when you open your mouth she stands there demure with that special look in her eyes. A girl is Innocence playing in the mud, Beauty standing on its head, and Motherhood dragging a doll by the foot.
— Alan Beck2015-07-23_0001 2015-07-23_0002 2015-07-23_0003 2015-07-23_0004 2015-07-23_0005 2015-07-23_0006 2015-07-23_0007 2015-07-23_0008 2015-07-23_0009 2015-07-23_0010 2015-07-23_0011 2015-07-23_0012 2015-07-23_0013 2015-07-23_0014 2015-07-23_0015 2015-07-23_0016 2015-07-23_0017 2015-07-23_0018 2015-07-23_0019 2015-07-23_0020

Always soooooooo great to see these familiar faces appear on the blog!!! Little Miss Teagan is already TWO years old?! Whaaaaaaa? We met on a chilly summer night (this summer has been crazy weird, riiiight?) But it ended up being a perfect night to capture the happiness that this family has for one another. Congratulations on the new home, M family – its STUNNING!!!!!

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Have I mentioned how much FUN it is  to see my clients grow?! GAH! These three munchkins I’ve see for the past 3 years and by far this year was my favorite. SO much personality, so much laughter and So.MUCH.FUN!!!!! Sneak a peek at our fun Saturday morning session in downtown Naperville! <3

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You know those moments when you’re alone with your family and you wish you could freeze time? That’s what this session is all about. Capturing those little, in-between moments of life. Unscripted, unplanned and a little bit chaotic (in the best possible way).  This family is absolutely wonderful…. so much love pouuuuurs out of these parents and you can see these kiddos really know they are loved to the 10th power.  I spent about 3 hours behind the scenes just attempting just that… capturing the small moments. The laughs, the hugs, the loving….

Sneak a peek at just one evening in the W Household. <3

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Sweeet Paige turned THREE last month… what the heck!? If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that this peanut was born almost four months EARLY. So the fact that she is not only here, but happy and healthy is quite the miracle! Even MORE exciting, she is gonna be a big sister this November!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely amazing and so cool. Happy Birthday, P. You make 3 look good, girl! <3


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