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One of my long time AHHHHMAZING families surprised me (via email) last week and let me know that they added to their family… Gahhh!! Cue the jumping out of my seat with excitement response!! J Family, thank you, thank YOU for allowing me to capture your little girls first few days.  <3 FYI: She has two adooring older brothers who love holding, kissing on her and seeing her milestones (Biggest brother sprinted into the room to see her in the crib for the first time — – CMON, isn’t that the cutest!?) Just a few sneaks to introduce this sweet baby girl to the world!! <3 World, meet Piper!


Elllllo, baby girls.

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I’ve been photographing this little man since he was just FOUR months old!!! This year, I was invited into the B family’s home to capture life as they live it on an atypical Sunday morning in September (read: HOT and HUMID). We played, read, laughed and giggled our way through the session. Sneak a peek at some of my favorite moments!! <3

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You know those moments that you wish you could just live in forever? Those moments you wish you could freeze, stop time and savor… that’s what homestyle sessions are all about. I spent the morning with the D family capturing them as they are. Laughing, loving and playing with one another. D family — your kids are gorgeous, sweet and hands down you all are one of my favorite families to photograph. Thanks for having me in your home and sharing these special moments with me. <3  Ps. I want your house!! Loved it!!!

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Those last few weeks with your FIRST born… Where you’re savoring the little moments, the smiles, the giggles and your precious time together as a family of three.  All while anxiously awaiting someone totally new, magical and wonderful that you’ll fall equally head over heels for. {F} family, you make my heart swoon and ovaries wanna burst. <3 I am so excited for you and your new adventure. Can’t wait to capture you all again when you grow to be a family of FOUR!

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Hellloooooooooo, sweet Charley.

Families that love on each other, that freely give kisses and that bask in the warmth of their little’s spitup? Are my FAVORITEST PEOPLE EVER. This session was anything but typical from start to finish and I couldn’t get enough of it.Charley’s contagious smile lights up both momma and daddy in ways that words can’t describe. LOVE.Combine that with their TWO 100lb adorable Bernese Mountain dogs (whom love to sit on your feet and snuggle with you as if they are lap dogs)?? Which again, I LOVEDDDDD! Obsessed from start to finish with this family and their life.

Sneak a peek at some of our favorites from our Valentine’s weekend session:

There’s two to wash, two to dry;
There’s two who argue, two who cry….
There’s two to kiss, two to hug;
And best of all, there’s two to love!
~Author Unknown

Ohhhhh hellllooooo there, beautiful boys! I was BEYOND excited to kick off my 2016 photography season with these adorable twin {fraternal] boys. Everything about this family makes me swooooon – from the minimal colors to the love they have for their boys, gaaaah! When mom was swooning over all the white we were using, I knew she was my spirit animal/client. Obsessed with all things Murphy boys. <3  Just a sneak peek for now, but so much more goodness to come!

“I think togetherness is a very important ingredient to family life.” Barbara Bush


A little girl can be sweeter (and badder) oftener than anyone else in the world. she can jitter around, and stomp, and make funny noises that frazzle your nerves yet just when you open your mouth she stands there demure with that special look in her eyes. A girl is Innocence playing in the mud, Beauty standing on its head, and Motherhood dragging a doll by the foot.
— Alan Beck2015-07-23_0001 2015-07-23_0002 2015-07-23_0003 2015-07-23_0004 2015-07-23_0005 2015-07-23_0006 2015-07-23_0007 2015-07-23_0008 2015-07-23_0009 2015-07-23_0010 2015-07-23_0011 2015-07-23_0012 2015-07-23_0013 2015-07-23_0014 2015-07-23_0015 2015-07-23_0016 2015-07-23_0017 2015-07-23_0018 2015-07-23_0019 2015-07-23_0020

You know those moments when you’re alone with your family and you wish you could freeze time? That’s what this session is all about. Capturing those little, in-between moments of life. Unscripted, unplanned and a little bit chaotic (in the best possible way).  This family is absolutely wonderful…. so much love pouuuuurs out of these parents and you can see these kiddos really know they are loved to the 10th power.  I spent about 3 hours behind the scenes just attempting just that… capturing the small moments. The laughs, the hugs, the loving….

Sneak a peek at just one evening in the W Household. <3

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