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Sneak peek at Baby Bump :: Ellis <3

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Those last few weeks with your FIRST born… Where you’re savoring the little moments, the smiles, the giggles and your precious time together as a family of three.  All while anxiously awaiting someone totally new, magical and wonderful that you’ll fall equally head over heels for. {F} family, you make my heart swoon and ovaries wanna burst. <3 I am so excited for you and your new adventure. Can’t wait to capture you all again when you grow to be a family of FOUR!

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Ashley and Charlie are nothing but hilarious, awesome and a blast to photograph – the whole time we were shooting just played, laughed and told stories about how they met, fell in love and what came next… But now, biggest adventure is about to begin. In just about a month, these two will be the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy. I couldn’t not be happier to show off a few of my favorite shots of this beautiful mamma (and papa) to be:

A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside… when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.
— Author Unknown


“Making the decision to have a child—it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.” — Elizabeth Stone

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Sweeet Paige turned THREE last month… what the heck!? If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that this peanut was born almost four months EARLY. So the fact that she is not only here, but happy and healthy is quite the miracle! Even MORE exciting, she is gonna be a big sister this November!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely amazing and so cool. Happy Birthday, P. You make 3 look good, girl! <3


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This past Saturday, I spent a lovely hour with this adorable couple in downtown Arlington Heights. Baby GIRL is due in early June and the parents to be cannot be more excited for her arrival. Sneak a peek at a few favorites from this cute session:


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Youuuuu guuuuuuys!!! I am gonna be an AUNT!!!!!! I am a first timer, so I am beyond thrilled to showcase my baby niece!!! She is due January 19 and I cannot be more excited to meet this little nugget. My bro/sis in law live in Arizona, so sadly I’ll only get to snuggle on her a few times a year, but you can best bet with 5 aunts and 3 cousins this little girl is already incredibly loved! Over Thanksgiving weekend, we showered Jay and Meg (and baby T) with lots of loving and goodness, but we also made time for a quick maternity session. Hiiiii BABY GIRRRRL! <3


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Say helloooooo to the beautiful {E} family… new residents of the WONDERFUL city of Chicago! They’ve been here just about a month and have had a great time exploring all that this fabulous city has to offer. I mean, what a great summer to experience Chicago, right!? I met up with this growing family on a beautiful Sunday morning and captured their family as they are right now. Baby BOY is making his Chicago debut this fall. I cannot wait to meet him. <3

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You know when you start laughing within the first few seconds of meeting a couple, that it’s gonna be a fun shoot. This was my last session of the weekend and it was such a blast to finish on such a high note! (Note: all my sessions rock, but sometimes I get a bit tired by the end of an 11 shoot marathon). LOVED them. These two were open to whatever I threw at at them… plus, as a photographer I was THRILLED the sun went behind the clouds – made for exploring parts of the area that I haven’t been able to do throughout the weekend. How unbelievably CUTE are they!!!? Baby BOY will be here soon and I cannot wait to capture his first few moments of life. Just a few sneaks while I catch up on editing!! <3

Baby bellies… gahhhhh, I love ’em! Congrats to these easy-going, new parents to be… I met up with this awesome couple on a pretty fabulous summer night. Baby GIRL will be making her debut in late September and I cannot wait to meet her! Momma is feeling pretty fantastic and has a relatively easy pregnancy thus far.. which is awesomesauce. I mean, she lucked out being pregnant THIS summer, right?! Best summer ever, IMO. Erica/Jake, I wish you nothing but happy thoughts and a quick, healthy delivery. Cannot wait to meet her!!! <3

Heart. breaker…. right here. After two location scouting fails, I stumbled upon this little forest preserve in Lemont and fell in LOVE. This is the third time I have met up with the beautiful family of 3 (soon to be 4) and had an absolute blast. We laughed, made plane noises and bird calls – much to Grayson’s delight. We got so many great shots, so quickly – we just played around for a bit. Here are just a few sneaks…

We could not have had a better morning at LPZ. The weather. The colors. Ahhhhh, Spring seriously is hereeeee!!! I have to say I loved sharing this Mother’s Day  with the cuuuute {R} family. Initially the weather predicted was a chilly 52 degrees, so while it was colder than normal, we lucked out with another GORGEOUS spring day. Woohooo!! Soon this sweet will be a family of four, as baby boy #2 is due in early July. We bounced around the zoo laughing, (eating) and chatting about foodie spots in the city.

Here are just a few sneak peeks while I finish up editing the rest! 🙂

“When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.” ~Joyce Brothers

Photography has a way of capturing a billion and a half moments, but for me… photography has a way of capturing the meaning of the word “Family.” And my goodness, this family is everything that word means… and MORE. Stunning, sweet and HAPPY.

We met up at Lincoln Park Zoo on a hot Wednesday night… (these temps in Chicago have been brutal, but we thought a slight cold front came through…haha. Not so much!) A little sweating never hurt anyone. So off we went through the gorgeous LPZ and just chatted it up while I snapped away. 🙂 Once again, I am not sure how I get so lucky and get to photograph some of the most gorgeous families, but I do. Soon they’ll be growing their family of three to FOUR.