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One of my long time AHHHHMAZING families surprised me (via email) last week and let me know that they added to their family… Gahhh!! Cue the jumping out of my seat with excitement response!! J Family, thank you, thank YOU for allowing me to capture your little girls first few days.  <3 FYI: She has two adooring older brothers who love holding, kissing on her and seeing her milestones (Biggest brother sprinted into the room to see her in the crib for the first time — – CMON, isn’t that the cutest!?) Just a few sneaks to introduce this sweet baby girl to the world!! <3 World, meet Piper!


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Fallllll came out in fullllllll effect this Saturday morning – 47 degrees and fullll sunshine!
But these little troopers rocked rocked rocked it!! Sneaky Sneek:

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You know those moments that you wish you could just live in forever? Those moments you wish you could freeze, stop time and savor… that’s what homestyle sessions are all about. I spent the morning with the D family capturing them as they are. Laughing, loving and playing with one another. D family — your kids are gorgeous, sweet and hands down you all are one of my favorite families to photograph. Thanks for having me in your home and sharing these special moments with me. <3  Ps. I want your house!! Loved it!!!

2016-09-24_0001 2016-09-24_0002 2016-09-24_00032016-09-24_0005 2016-09-24_0004 2016-09-24_0006 2016-09-24_0007 2016-09-24_0008 2016-09-24_0009 2016-09-24_0010 2016-09-24_00122016-09-24_0011 2016-09-24_0013
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I met this family last fall for a mini session and was soooo excited that I got to see them for a full session this September! Full sessions give us time to play a little bit more and really run around and have a blast. We first met up at the Riverwalk on a HOT and HUMID Sunday morning. We rocked it out, but felt it was best to try again so everyone (including the photographer) could be a tad more comfy. So glad we did… b/c let me tell you, give a boy some rocks to through and some bridges to run across? Everyone was happy! Sneak a peek at some of our moments:

2016-09-15_0005 2016-09-15_0006 2016-09-15_0007 2016-09-15_0009 2016-09-15_0008 2016-09-15_0010 2016-09-15_0012 2016-09-15_0011 2016-09-15_0013 2016-09-15_0014 2016-09-15_0016 2016-09-15_0015

Got to reunite with this lovely family this past weekend on a muggyyyyyy Chicago day.  N family, thanks for sticking it out! <3

2016-08-31_0001 2016-08-31_0011 2016-08-31_0010 2016-08-31_0009 2016-08-31_0008 2016-08-31_0007 2016-08-31_0006 2016-08-31_0005 2016-08-31_0004 2016-08-31_0003 2016-08-31_0002

Introducing the newest addition to my extended family… my nephew Bennett Jeffrey Tomasek. The first baby boy on either side (the first of 5 grand kiddos too).   August 26, 2016 at 10:18 am. 8 lbs and 6 oz.

Big sister Laine reallllllly loves on her little bro. I’ve actually never seen a big sibling take so well to a new arrival before. Congratulations to my brother, Jay and my Sister-in-Law, Meg and family on the arrival of this little guy. Just a few sneaks at some of my favorite moments during our newborn session. <3 <3




Waiting… waiting… waiting. I can only imagine the surprise, shock and awe of learning your baby’s gender the second you meet him/her! And guess, SHE IS HERE! Meet Baby girl, Reese! Momma has been waiting on her arrival for the past few weeks and she finally made her debut! <3 So incredibly happy for this wonderful family – I can’t even tell you. Big brother Aiden was a mix of helper and lover during this session. Cannot wait to see what’s in store for this little girl. Reese, you’re loved beyond words. Welcome to the world, baby girl!

2016-06-30_0001 2016-06-30_0002 2016-06-30_0003 2016-06-30_0004 2016-06-30_0005 2016-06-30_0006 2016-06-30_0007 2016-06-30_00082016-06-30_0011 2016-06-30_00092016-06-30_0010 2016-06-30_0012 2016-06-30_0014 2016-06-30_00152016-06-30_0013 2016-06-30_0016 2016-06-30_0017 2016-06-30_0018

Annika is ONE!!! I first met this family last December on a frigid (but GORGEOUS day)… and this little darling rocked that shoot then too. We had the most gorgeous, perfect summer night along Lake Michigan (you know, the kind of night that reminds us why we love Chicago so darn much). Absolute perfection. Sneak a peek at this little muchkin, who is SOOOO close to walking it’s not even funny!! Happy Birthday, Annika! 🙂 <3

2016-06-29_0001 2016-06-29_00032016-06-29_0002 2016-06-29_00052016-06-29_0004 2016-06-29_00072016-06-29_0006 2016-06-29_0008

It’s time for a Riverwalk shoot!! Chicago has been having the weirdest weather lately… but we finally got to rock this session in 90 degree heat! Fortunately, we met up early enough that the city was still quiet, calm and the heat hadn’t been turned up too high yet! These two munchkins recently celebrate two awesome milestones – 3 and 1!! Time sure flys by!! Sneak a peek at the C family along the Chicago Riverwalk… aren’t they the cutest? 🙂 <3

2016-06-12_00092016-06-12_0002 2016-06-12_00082016-06-12_0010 2016-06-12_0007 2016-06-12_00062016-06-12_0004 2016-06-12_00032016-06-12_0005 2016-06-12_00012016-06-12_0011

Those last few weeks with your FIRST born… Where you’re savoring the little moments, the smiles, the giggles and your precious time together as a family of three.  All while anxiously awaiting someone totally new, magical and wonderful that you’ll fall equally head over heels for. {F} family, you make my heart swoon and ovaries wanna burst. <3 I am so excited for you and your new adventure. Can’t wait to capture you all again when you grow to be a family of FOUR!

2016-05-15_0001 2016-05-15_0002 2016-05-15_0003 2016-05-15_0004 2016-05-15_0005 2016-05-15_0006 2016-05-15_00072016-05-15_0009 2016-05-15_00082016-05-15_0010 2016-05-15_0011
2016-05-15_0013 2016-05-15_0014 2016-05-15_0015 2016-05-15_0016 2016-05-15_0017

And just like that… this little munchkin is ONE! I’ve had the absolute pleasure of photographing miss M for her first year of life. Her playful, joyful, sassy personality is one of my favorites – her smile lights up a room (including makes her parents glow).  Her little giggles are contagious and it’s no wonder why – It’s been a wonderful journey and I am so glad I got to meet you and your sweet family. <3



And just like that… they were a family of FIVE!!! I met this family when big sis was just TWO years old and mama had Bud Bud in her belly – its such a treat for me to reunite with families and see how they’ve grown and changed. I spent a sunny Sunday with the wonderful C family and captured their newest addition! Sebastian was born just FIVE days ago and rocked the heck outta this session. Sneak a peeek at some of my favorite moments below:


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Hellloooooooooo, sweet Charley.

Families that love on each other, that freely give kisses and that bask in the warmth of their little’s spitup? Are my FAVORITEST PEOPLE EVER. This session was anything but typical from start to finish and I couldn’t get enough of it.Charley’s contagious smile lights up both momma and daddy in ways that words can’t describe. LOVE.Combine that with their TWO 100lb adorable Bernese Mountain dogs (whom love to sit on your feet and snuggle with you as if they are lap dogs)?? Which again, I LOVEDDDDD! Obsessed from start to finish with this family and their life.

Sneak a peek at some of our favorites from our Valentine’s weekend session:

“Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That’s what little girls are made of.” Bethany Hamilton

Little Miss MacKenzie is already 9 months old!! Isn’t she beaaaautiful?!?! It feels like just last week I met a 3 month old baby and here she is growing up so quickly!! Holy cow, time sure flies!