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Cherish every moment with those you love at every stage of your journey.
Jack Layton

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Oh man, this family is GOOOOOORGEOUS. Two handsome kiddos and a baby sister on the way! We met up on a perfect fall afternoon and were able to capture some of these sweet family moments. Just a few sneaks for now…


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Quickly becoming one of my favorite families to work with, the M family yet again brought it. The smiles, the giggles, the apple (throwing)… they rocked it.



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I met this cute little family on a gorgeous fall sunday morning!! Fall is FINALLY here. The crisp is in the air, the colors are finally started to change and I am seeing some new faces! This little girl was a riot. Independent and full of sass – I loved her. There is a shot towards the end that IMO sums her personality to a tee! Hood is up and she is giggling her head off. Loved her! Just a few sneaks:



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I am sure you remember this sweet family from earlier this year – the two cutest little superheroes around? Well it was time for our annual fall shoot and I could not be happier to meet up with them again! Jen and I went to HS/vball together and we juuuust had a little mini reunion with some other teammates, so it was a blast hanging out with her munchkins again and snapping these shots: Welcome back to the burbs!

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A boy and his dog… that is what I like to call this session. Little man D was obsessed with whatever Stella (the pup) was doing, it was soooo cute. He wanted her involved in whatever way we could. This was my first shoot with this super cute family of three – and we had a good time just hopping around the park snapping away. Just a few sneak peeks of the cutest little boy around:


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