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“Making the decision to have a child—it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.” — Elizabeth Stone

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I’ve long wanted to do a Winter session outdoors whilst it was snowing… and this session was absolutely one of my favorites. Snowfight, snow angels and all? Are these brothers absolutely sooooo sweet?! Gaaah – adorbs. Between the light in the home and outside.. I was in heaven. Just a few sneaks from our outdoors/inside shoot:


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Oh man, theseeee boys were two of my favorite kiddos this YEAR. LOTS of laughing, superhero poses and dance parties were had during our time together. This family was up for ANYTHING. A chilly afternoon in Glen Ellyn didn’t stop this fab family of four… they ROCKED it. Sneak a peek at our awesome time together!!!!!


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Oh man, this family is GOOOOOORGEOUS. Two handsome kiddos and a baby sister on the way! We met up on a perfect fall afternoon and were able to capture some of these sweet family moments. Just a few sneaks for now…


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Yet another one of my favoooorite families… I’ve seen them at least once a year since I started doing photography and my oh, my do I love them. These boys are getting toooooo big! Crazy cool, crazy chill and all around amazing. There is a shot below that cracks me up – three boys all doing what they wanted in the moment… isn’t that how life is? LOVE these guys.


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This is my THIRD shoot with this adoooooorable family. Last time you all saw them, little man {W} was in momma’s belly. Oh he is here and absolutely PRECIOUS. I mean honestly? Those eyes… heart.breaker. Big brother Max was totally game for all of my silly noises and games and was a blast to photograph. Congratulations on this sweeeeet little guys milestone!


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Happy Birthday, Little Man! For anyone weary of my 7:30 am slots… this family knows what’s up! The light at this time was dreamy (a lot like my evening sessions) – so I was so happy we got to meet up and take advantage of this light goodness. We played and hopped around Lincoln Square and snapped this preciousness. How CUTE is this little guy!?


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Usually it takes me about 5 minutes to click with the kiddos… not these boys. I had them laughing and giggling within about a minute – aaaaaah, I loved them already. Silly faces, funny noises and leaves cracked these two sweet boys up. Curious, sweet and full of personality these brothers were so awesome!!! Sneak a peek at this cute family:


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