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Welcome to this beautiful, crazy, wonderful, magical world.
Introducing the lovely and perfectly sweet, Isobel Z.

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Hellloooooooooo, sweet Charley.

Families that love on each other, that freely give kisses and that bask in the warmth of their little’s spitup? Are my FAVORITEST PEOPLE EVER. This session was anything but typical from start to finish and I couldn’t get enough of it.Charley’s contagious smile lights up both momma and daddy in ways that words can’t describe. LOVE.Combine that with their TWO 100lb adorable Bernese Mountain dogs (whom love to sit on your feet and snuggle with you as if they are lap dogs)?? Which again, I LOVEDDDDD! Obsessed from start to finish with this family and their life.

Sneak a peek at some of our favorites from our Valentine’s weekend session:


“Making the decision to have a child—it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.” — Elizabeth Stone

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Started off my Sunday morning with this ridiculous cute (and beautiful) family at Katherine Legge Memorial Park – where we just played around and laughed. These two cute munchkins and I had a blast – sneak a peek at our session below:

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Oh man, theseeee boys were two of my favorite kiddos this YEAR. LOTS of laughing, superhero poses and dance parties were had during our time together. This family was up for ANYTHING. A chilly afternoon in Glen Ellyn didn’t stop this fab family of four… they ROCKED it. Sneak a peek at our awesome time together!!!!!


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Oh man, this family is GOOOOOORGEOUS. Two handsome kiddos and a baby sister on the way! We met up on a perfect fall afternoon and were able to capture some of these sweet family moments. Just a few sneaks for now…


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I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard during a session – these guys were AWESOME. Little T and Big Bro D are just too cute for words…. I mean… RIGHT?  We bounced around the Riverwalk and got a great collection of candids and happy shots. The blues? The blonde hair? Aren’t they all just sooooo gorgeous?? Just a few sneak peeks for now:



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