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I mean… how CUTE is this little boy!?!?! That hair? Those eyes? That smile? I cannot. I had a blast with little T and his sweet parents this past weekend playing around Lake Ellyn. Sneak a peek at our cute little session:


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Oh man, theseeee boys were two of my favorite kiddos this YEAR. LOTS of laughing, superhero poses and dance parties were had during our time together. This family was up for ANYTHING. A chilly afternoon in Glen Ellyn didn’t stop this fab family of four… they ROCKED it. Sneak a peek at our awesome time together!!!!!


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I met this cute little family on a gorgeous fall sunday morning!! Fall is FINALLY here. The crisp is in the air, the colors are finally started to change and I am seeing some new faces! This little girl was a riot. Independent and full of sass – I loved her. There is a shot towards the end that IMO sums her personality to a tee! Hood is up and she is giggling her head off. Loved her! Just a few sneaks:



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I’ve been lucky enough to watch this little princess grow over the past year… and for her birthday shoot we got to play with lots of fun bows and balloons – how CUTE. We had a great night in Glen Ellyn and had the park pretty much to ourselves (and the geese – which I sat or stepped in about 10 times). Ha! Just a few sneak peeks for now… But Happy (almost) Birthday, K!


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