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Jack Layton

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I’ve been photographing this BEAUTIFUL family since little man was about a year old. His blue eyes are ridiculous… and his sister has a pair to match. Are they not the most gorgeous family ever? The light at this spot was to DIE for…. especially since our location of choice was closed to the public (a first for me), but we improvised and rocked this session out. Little man just turned three and baby G is turning 1 next month. Sneak a peek below:



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Happy Birthday, Little Miss C! Tomorrow she turns TWO! Full of personality and giggles, I loved working with this family. We met up about an hour before sunset at one of my favorite spots in the city and rocked out this adorable session. You might spy a verrrry tall building in the backdrop of these photos – this family lives riiight across the street from LPZ and wanted to represent that in these shots. We had a GORGEOUS (but windy) night! Check out the sneak peeks below:


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