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Gahhhhh this couple might be the BEST couple I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. So much laughter. So much joy. So much awesomeness. Thanks, S family for inviting me to your new home to capture this HUGE milestone in your lives!! Congratulations on your new home – its BEAUUUUUUUUUTIFUL. Good luck with all the unpacking, it’ll feel more and more like home every second!!

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I met this family last fall for a mini session and was soooo excited that I got to see them for a full session this September! Full sessions give us time to play a little bit more and really run around and have a blast. We first met up at the Riverwalk on a HOT and HUMID Sunday morning. We rocked it out, but felt it was best to try again so everyone (including the photographer) could be a tad more comfy. So glad we did… b/c let me tell you, give a boy some rocks to through and some bridges to run across? Everyone was happy! Sneak a peek at some of our moments:

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Introducing the newest addition to my extended family… my nephew Bennett Jeffrey Tomasek. The first baby boy on either side (the first of 5 grand kiddos too).   August 26, 2016 at 10:18 am. 8 lbs and 6 oz.

Big sister Laine reallllllly loves on her little bro. I’ve actually never seen a big sibling take so well to a new arrival before. Congratulations to my brother, Jay and my Sister-in-Law, Meg and family on the arrival of this little guy. Just a few sneaks at some of my favorite moments during our newborn session. <3 <3




And just like that… this little munchkin is ONE! I’ve had the absolute pleasure of photographing miss M for her first year of life. Her playful, joyful, sassy personality is one of my favorites – her smile lights up a room (including makes her parents glow).  Her little giggles are contagious and it’s no wonder why – It’s been a wonderful journey and I am so glad I got to meet you and your sweet family. <3



“The beauty of a girl cannot be mimicked, fabricated or created by human means, it only occurs naturally.”  ~ Pam Callaghan

Happy 1st Birthday, Vivian! <3

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“Making the decision to have a child—it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.” — Elizabeth Stone

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Always soooooooo great to see these familiar faces appear on the blog!!! Little Miss Teagan is already TWO years old?! Whaaaaaaa? We met on a chilly summer night (this summer has been crazy weird, riiiight?) But it ended up being a perfect night to capture the happiness that this family has for one another. Congratulations on the new home, M family – its STUNNING!!!!!

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 Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.

Michael J. Fox

Ain’t that the truth? When Kimberly reached out to me earlier this year about capturing her childhood home and her family, I was absolutely positively thrilled to get on board. You see? The quote above is truly what it is all about. And lucky me, I’ve seen her little family grow this past year (I captured little man in momma’s belly not too long ago – man does time flyyyyyyyyyyy).

Sneak a peek at some of our favorite moments from this Oakbrook Terrace session:


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The most adorable, sweetest and hilarious boys (and their sister) are baaaaack.  I will say it over and over again, I LOVE repeat families and it was such a pleasure to see the {M} Family once again. Due to summer rainouts/accidental haircuts we had to reschedule a few times and it turns out.. it was for the absolute BEST. A perfect fall (with a taste of summer) night and we were off. These guys ROCKED, laughed a lot and we had the most amazing colors. In’t this family just gorgeous?!?! I don’t know how momma wrangles these four kiddos in… mad props!


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Haaaaaaaaands down one of the most  beautiiiiful families EVER! I love, LOVE that I got meetup with this crazy, awesome crew this again year! Even cooler – momma rounded the corner of the car with belly in tow! What a fun and fabulous surprise!!!! Baby boy is due to arrive in mid October and these two kiddos are super pumped for him to get here (though they are very against helping with diapers I’ll have you know). Congratulations, W family!!! Love seeing your sweet faces and am so happy for you all!!! Sneak a peek at my many favorites below:


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Sweeet Paige turned THREE last month… what the heck!? If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that this peanut was born almost four months EARLY. So the fact that she is not only here, but happy and healthy is quite the miracle! Even MORE exciting, she is gonna be a big sister this November!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely amazing and so cool. Happy Birthday, P. You make 3 look good, girl! <3


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Awwhhhhhhh look at big these boys have gotten?!? When did that HAPPEN?! I’ve photographed this sweet fammily for the past three years and each time I love them more and more (is that possible)? Big bro M was allll about this shoot (it helps having iron man strapped to my camera), but such a sweet, little man he has become. Gentle and kind to his little bro (at least for me and these pictures) – he has grown up so fast! Little man W just turned one last week and is all about doing what he wants and showing his independence. LOVED seeing how much these guys have grown!!! <3


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