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Awwwwwh senior year! A year full of perks, college prep, planning and basically freedom! How lucky are these twin sisters? I’ve known their Aunt for the past 10 years and in some ways saw these girls grow up (from a far, but you know what I mean). So weird that they are now SENIORS in high school!  Congrats girls and best of luck at Augustana and Minnesota!


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I’ve been lucky enough to watch this little princess grow over the past year… and for her birthday shoot we got to play with lots of fun bows and balloons – how CUTE. We had a great night in Glen Ellyn and had the park pretty much to ourselves (and the geese – which I sat or stepped in about 10 times). Ha! Just a few sneak peeks for now… But Happy (almost) Birthday, K!


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Another family I’ve been lucky enough to watch grow! Little K and I actually share a birthday, so it’s like we’re automatically besties… Haha. Each year I see this family,we tend to have more fun and laugh just a little bit harder. These kiddos have grown SO much over the year, but I was still able to get them to giggle. Aren’t they just soooooo cute?!?!


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