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I met up with this family on the warmest day of January – after a Polar Vortex, I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to make outdoor sessions in January a possibility, but alas – we got a 40 degree weather day! Whaaat?! Fabulous. This was my first session of the new year and I couldn’t have had more fun with this little man. He LOVED fake laughing and would respond with his own little real laugh – absolutely adooooorable. Happy Birthday, P! 🙂

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I LOVED this family –  I am pretty sure we were laughing the whole time. The kiddos were easy and totally a blast. If you’ve done a shoot with me… you KNOW we literally just play the entire time;  we did that an then some! 🙂 Looooooved working in one of my favorite spots to capture some of these sweet moments. <3 Sneaker peakers:


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