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“No matter how many countries you’ve traveled to or where you’re going, Prague will sweep you off your feet.”

I’ll let the pictures of Prague do the talking…. but we walked over 35 miles in just Prague ALONE. Please do yourself a favor and go here. Immediately. #biketours #getlost

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The most underwhelming clock tower… but it was built in the 1500’s and quite impressive animation for back then!! But thousands of people crowd around it every hour to see it change around. I am more fascinated with people watching… Ha. Praha is absolutely stunnnnnnning, yes?!


Brunchin’ in Prague with macaroons – which FYI – are NOT my thang. I repeat: GO GET LOST within these city walls. <3
2015-09-23_0016 2015-09-23_0017

I always get to hang out with the most lovely travel companions; so much laughter with this crew. SO much. <3
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We randomly decided to stroll down this road b/c it resembled my last name so much… and BOOM! I see my last name on the wall. Fyi – I am NOT czech. My grandfather died when my dad was only 5 years old and was adopted by his stepfather who bore the name “Tomasek” – My real last name should be Foust (which is insanely German), but alas my dad really never rocked it and therefore neither will we. 🙂 2015-09-23_0021 2015-09-23_0022


Bike group photo courtesy of our wonderful travel mate, Leslie.

2015-09-23_0023 2015-09-23_0024 2015-09-23_0025 2015-09-23_0026

Every trip I take, I make an effort to watch the Sunrise at least once… I thought it would be perfect to do so in Prague. Prague had other ideas, but I was still stoked to be able to cartwheels across an EMPTY Charles Bridge (which past 7 am… would NEVER happen). Major props to Grania and Jessie for walking the trek back down to watch the sun “rise” that day. <3 2015-09-23_0027 2015-09-23_0028