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{M} is probably the happiest four year old I’ve EVER photographed. We finished this session in record time b/c honestly I thought we had PLENTY of shots to use. Silly faces, lots of laughter and a blast all around – I love this family (three years in a row). 🙂 2013-10-21_0031

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Another gorgeous night this fall! This adorable family of five and I met up in downtown Oswego for a fun session full of trains, swings and fall goodness. Three boys under four years made for a fun and energetic shoot! We bounced around the park and even took advantage of the train tracks just a few steps away; as big brother LOVED trains. <3


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I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard during a session – these guys were AWESOME. Little T and Big Bro D are just too cute for words…. I mean… RIGHT?  We bounced around the Riverwalk and got a great collection of candids and happy shots. The blues? The blonde hair? Aren’t they all just sooooo gorgeous?? Just a few sneak peeks for now:



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As soon as this family walked up, I knew this was gonna be a fun session. Aren’t they just gorgeous?!?! I loved the color combinations and the pops of color mom put together. Little S turned on the charm (what a model?!) right out of the gate and was more than happy to grin and giggle with me. LOVED this shoot and this family. Just a few sneak peeks for now:



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