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One of my long time AHHHHMAZING families surprised me (via email) last week and let me know that they added to their family… Gahhh!! Cue the jumping out of my seat with excitement response!! J Family, thank you, thank YOU for allowing me to capture your little girls first few days.  <3 FYI: She has two adooring older brothers who love holding, kissing on her and seeing her milestones (Biggest brother sprinted into the room to see her in the crib for the first time — – CMON, isn’t that the cutest!?) Just a few sneaks to introduce this sweet baby girl to the world!! <3 World, meet Piper!


He’s HERE!! Baby E is here! Meet 13 day old D… 8lbs of pure cuteness. I met up with this family over the summer to capture the excitement over this little man’s arrival. Isn’t he just ADORABLE?! Gaaah. Big brother and I had a blast playing around with our “cameras” – the 2nd shot is of C and I “taking pictures” of one another. LOVE this family!!!



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Quickly becoming one of my favorite families to work with, the M family yet again brought it. The smiles, the giggles, the apple (throwing)… they rocked it.



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I am sure you remember this sweet family from earlier this year – the two cutest little superheroes around? Well it was time for our annual fall shoot and I could not be happier to meet up with them again! Jen and I went to HS/vball together and we juuuust had a little mini reunion with some other teammates, so it was a blast hanging out with her munchkins again and snapping these shots: Welcome back to the burbs!

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Another family I’ve been lucky enough to watch grow! Little K and I actually share a birthday, so it’s like we’re automatically besties… Haha. Each year I see this family,we tend to have more fun and laugh just a little bit harder. These kiddos have grown SO much over the year, but I was still able to get them to giggle. Aren’t they just soooooo cute?!?!


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Immediately upon meeting this family of four, I knew I was gonna have a good time!! These two siblings are absolutely too sweet to one another I don’t even have words – see their hugs below? Gah – that is a hard shot to nail, I tell you. 🙂  Not only did we laugh our butts off, we had a blast bouncing around the park. Just a few sneaaaaks:


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Usually it takes me about 5 minutes to click with the kiddos… not these boys. I had them laughing and giggling within about a minute – aaaaaah, I loved them already. Silly faces, funny noises and leaves cracked these two sweet boys up. Curious, sweet and full of personality these brothers were so awesome!!! Sneak a peek at this cute family:


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Get ready for some cuteness. I walked into their home and immediately felt like I was a part of their little clan. These adorable kiddos were warm, inviting and soooo much fun. They immediately showed me their rooms and talked all about the awesomeness of each space. Loved IT. Here are just a few sneak peeks from some of the fun we had during this half indoors/half outdoors session. <3

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